What’s In My Bag?

I thought this would be a fun one to do.  I have pared down the contents of my purse apparently a lot but it’ll be a surprise either way 😉


Details on the bag:

Made by  Ixchel (links directly to their bags) and purchased at Tumbleweeds in Niantic, CT.  They are an awesome record and clothing store that also carries really cool bags and jewelry.

I have purchased another Ixchel bag there that is the handwoven dead kitty bag and gotten many compliments on it.  The other day I went out on my lunch break and I’m on one of my long celestial kicks lately (yes I know, I’m totally Stevie Nicks sometimes) this particular spoke to me and I had to have it.

mel bag1.jpg

Doesn’t this bag rock?!  It is sturdy made and has lots of room the inside which is perfect for me since I usually carry a lot!


So here is what I found in there today:


So starting from the upper left hand side:

–Cardiac Rehabilitation book from St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT.  I had open heart surgery there (a mitral valve repair) and they told me to always carry it just in case so I always have that.  Its kinda cool because it even has an EKG they took of me right after surgery!

–Sunglasses from Color Me Rad 5k that unfort I didn’t attend due to an upper resp infection but they were kind to send to me anyway.  I’ve worn them to several 5ks since then and they are great for color runs since they fit close to my eyes!

–Handbook for the Recently Deceased.  Its really a journal but I love it from the movie Beetlejuice and put this on my amazon wish list. J got it for me for Christmas and I love the fact he probably didn’t even question why I needed this.

–My Boba Fett wallet from FYE.  I love Star Wars and he’s one of my favorite characters.  I do have a Boba Fett bag I’ve recently carried but have to stitch up the lining so its currently retired until I have the drive to fix it.

–Ipsy Glam bag (the products were meh) from I think this summer.  It is FULL of quite a few packs of googly eyes.  I was inspired by Anne Wheaton to start that trend and it so fun.  I put them in odd places and wait to see people’s reactions!

–Pen from Saybrook Soup and Sandwich Co.  Not much to say but they have good food and A and I enjoyed a lunch there before!

–Blue glitter nail file.  This would’ve been good to find when I needed it instead of buying another one when I went to put some nail strips on.  *facepalm*

–An old pic of my cat George who we lost in 2012.  He was a rescue cat and one of the sweetest cats in the world.  My mom found it and gave it to me and I just about cried.

–Field Notes Book.  This was one of the gifts of the Eight Sensible Gifts of Hanukkah from Cards Against Humanity.  J and I have loved this game from the beginning and even have PAX expansion packs, the Bigger Blacker Box, the 90’s expansion pack and our BBB is signed by the creators of the game!

–Business Card from New London Ink (Bank St. New London, CT).  The wonderful artist Guy did my last tattoo (the one with the birds and “Breathe In… Breathe Out… Move On”) and I’d suggest him to anyone.  He also did A’s tattoo as well.  Tell him I sent you!

–Inhaler…um not to much to say about it but I take it before Zumba.  I had pneumonia in 2010 and it killed my lungs so sometimes I just need a little relief but thankfully its not too bad.

–Lotion from Rite Aid.  When you have tattoos you always need tons of unscented lotion.  I use this a lot and its one of the most reasonably priced ones and works great.

–Crab change purse.  I got this while I was in  Olde Mystic Village with my friend M and we had gone shopping.  If you want a real New England Experience, Mystic is a great place to go!  I think I got it at the shop “Penguins, Otters and Others”.  Inside I even have some little treasures!


(from the left)

The USB stick is from my EMT class and its everything I need to help me study for my test and was great for studying lectures prior to class and during downtime.

The turtle is a little “good luck turtle” from Mystic Aquarium.  They have one sea turtle there name Charlotte that has had a rough life but they have taken exceptional care of her and keep her safe and happy.  This reminds me of her and how she just keeps going!  If you’re interested there is a book about her called “Bubble Butt” out there that is a delightful kids book 🙂

My pretty pink heart quartz from A when she went away to one of her bff’s bachelorette weekend and she has one so we’re always together.   It means a lot to me.  I can’t picture her not in my life now and she’s part of my extremely close circle of trusted ones.

The cross pin is from my friend M.  It was her grandfathers collar pin when he was in the service.  I usually have it on my fire gear but needed to get a new backing for it because I was afraid of losing it!



So there you have it.  Any suggestions as to what I can add into my chaos?


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