Things I Like…Adult Coloring Books

I love adult coloring books!!!!  They are ah-mazing!  I actually used to just print out pages on the internet, just kids stuff but coloring them was relaxing for me even then (not knowing what was going on inside my head) and I loved doing it.  During one of my insomnia nights over the summer, I saw a commercial for the Colorama set that was available in stores!  It kind of intrigued me but I forgot about it shortly after.  Fast forward a few weeks, I was at Books A Million and noticed more of these adult coloring books!  I was instantly hooked on the Day of the Dead Coloring Book by Thaneeya Mcardle and started on that one that night!  I had a nice set of colored pencils from an art set J had purchased me and got to work!  My first took a while to finish due to the non stop studying of my EMT class but I did and have done a few more since.  Here are a few of them:

The first one is the very first one I completed!


that one was a lot of fun to be my starting one!

These next 2 were done during the Super Bowl and while I had some downtime.


I had also done one with a skull and butterfly wings and gave that to A.  I am having a relaxing time doing them and suggest them to anyone!


Next up I tackle Creative Cats, a book I got from my sister for Christmas.  I think I’ll be taking that with me when I go on my much needed break away!


Currently I am using the following for most of my pictures in addition to my kit from J:

Prismacolor Colored Pencils:  These are soft core colored pencils and blend easily.  I have enjoyed how smooth they feel and how vibrant the colors are.  I only have the 24 pack now but plan on expanding.  I also purchased a sharpener from the same brand on Amazon.

Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers:  These are great for small, detailed work.  I also did the owl pic using these markers and they were great with popping colors and very easy to use.





It is so much fun!

It is your choice on the colors….go wild!

Its relaxing, I’d recommend it for anyone



Forgetting to go to bed since you’re up half the night coloring 😀



Get out there and go enjoy this theraputic and fun hobby!




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